Corporate Outings

Having an experienced corporate outing photographer on-site during your company’s team building event or professional trip will turn an otherwise brief excursion into a lasting memory. Not to mention, these photos can be used by businesses for a variety of promotional purposes.



Not only do professional photographs of your company outing, taken by a corporate outing photographer,  provide attendees with the invaluable opportunity to relive their event experiences, but your company can utilize business outing photographs through a variety of marketing and advertising channels.

Photos of more casual business outings are great ways to illustrate your company’s culture. By posting these photos on platforms like social media, business websites and newsletters, companies can easily and effectively publicize some of the perks of working with them. As high quality photography is very important in your company’s marketing.

This kind of promotion has a notable effect on job seekers. If a business’ website or social media page features many pictures of employees having fun with co-workers at company-organized events, then a job seeker positively perceives the business’ work culture. In turn, the job seeker is likely more apt to apply for a position. In turn, the business’ job applicant pool deepens, and ultimately, the quality of new employees should increase.


Photography is a great way to capture an array of occasions for businesses, but is it especially helpful in order to capture corporate outings. A corporate outing can be a useful tool when it comes to marketing for your company and also to just secure a positive reputation for your business as well.

Having business event photography displayed on different channels whether it be your website, social media, or elsewhere can provide a boost to your company as a whole. Not only does it display to clients and or customers that you offer a positive work experience, but it also shows potential employees some of the benefits of working for your company.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s event photography team is exceedingly familiar with the ins-and-outs of corporate outings and company trips. Our photographers have been in the industry for over twenty years, and during this time our staff has perfected the art of taking pictures which satisfy everyone from the attendees to the organizers.

It’s important for a corporate outing photographer to realize that although these such events have many purposes, one of the most important goals is for the attendees enjoy themselves. Often, this means that the photographers should be relatively unobtrusive and non-distracting while shooting. Truly professional corporate photographers should keep this in mind and make sure that they manage to get the best photos possible without detracting from anyone’s experience.


Terms like “corporate outings” and “business events” encompass an extremely broad range of activities. These activities range from small events like lunchtime picnics to large events such as business vacations with sightseeing tours. With so many different types, there is no single way to create corporate events and meetings photography. This means that each event requires a unique approach from photographers. As such, one essential quality of a professional corporate outing photographer is the ability to think on their feet. Without this skill, each specific outing, retreat and trip could not be covered as efficiently as possible.

Our event photographers’ experiences with corporate events is nearly as broad as the range of events themselves. That is to say—we’ve been in the game a long time. Just recently, our team has photographed corporate golf outings in Chicago, a company’s hike through the Grand Canyon, and another business’ tour of Las Vegas. Each of these events required something unique from our photography team, and in each case, our photographers rose to the challenge and took amazing photos that both attendees and businesses look back on favorably.


If you are seeking to get as much value from your corporate outing as possible, you should also consider professional videography. With video, attendees are even better able to look back on their experience at their corporate outing or business event. Additionally, corporate video production has strong emotional effects on viewers which simply cannot be accomplished through traditional photography.

Videos have the potential to be extremely effective when created correctly. The video production staff at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video shoot, record and edit footage to artfully craft videos which evoke emotion and tell stories. Though it may not be immediately apparent, events like business retreats and corporate outings do have quality moments of honest emotion. When captured and arranged properly in a video, these moments can contribute to feelings and stories which represent employees and their companies in amazingly sincere manners.


Having an amateur business event photography company capture your corporate outing is not a wise choice. They may provide unflattering images and images that depict behavior that you probably don’t want your company being associated with. A professional corporate outing photographer knows just how to capture all of the best angles and images that will represent your company in a positive light.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is the professional business event photography company that you desperately need to capitalize on all of your corporate outings. Our team of professional corporate outing photographers works to get the best, most flattering shots of your corporate outing.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is home to the best corporate outing photographers and videographers in Chicago. We have over two decades of experience photographing company trips, business occasions and team-building events. Our experience ensures that our work will be done effectively and more than satisfactorily.

Our photography and videography team is located in downtown Chicago: assuring easy access to any venue in the Chicagoland area. Is your business outing or corporate trip is outside of the Chicagoland area? No problem; our team is happy to travel! If you are looking for the best company outing photography and videography company in Chicago, then look no further. Contact Us Here or call us at 312-623-3456 for a free quote! We look forward to speaking with you!