Chicago Corporate Photography and Video specializes in professional photography for fundraisers.  Our Chicago fundraising photography company will help document your important fundraising program or charity event, which is essential to do for so many reasons.  Make sure you document your fundraiser’s success with high quality, professional photography and video for Chicago fundraisers by a professional Chicago fundraising photographer!


Professional Photography and Video for Chicago Fundraisers Will Make Your Fundraiser Stand Out!

There are many great reasons to have high-quality photos and videos of your fundraiser or charity event. These include:

Documenting the occasion for attendees (many of whom may be dressed up and would likely appreciate a picture of them to remember it by)
Using a fundraising photographer and videographer for promotion of future events
Employing it on your website, blog and promotional materials
Getting a professional fundraising photographer to take pics for a press release in order to get more publicity for the event (or upcoming ones) Sending out photos/videos from the fundraiser or charity event to those who weren’t able to attend but still want to show support Increasing income from the event through selling photo merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, apparel, calendars or photo albums

Nowadays, with everyone on the internet and photos/videos being the main focus that captures people’s attention, it is essential to have a professional fundraising photography business in Chicago capture your event!

Chicago Fundraising Photographer for Fundraisers

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a leading Chicago photography company for fundraisers and charity events. We shoot high quality, creative photography and video that is sure to impress your attendees, organizers, and future contributors to your important fundraising opportunity.

Our Chicago fundraiser photographer will photograph your important event with the utmost professionalism, and will capture the important moments such as guests arriving, cocktail party, dinner, speakers, and the full ambiance of the event. Our Chicago fundraiser photographers have captured dozens of fundraisers and high profile charity events, and have experience shooting in almost every venue in the Chicago area and suburbs.

Fundraisers that our professional fundraising photographer in Chicago have provided services for have been held at venues such as the Sheraton Grand Chicago, McCormick Place Convention Center, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Palmer House Hilton Chicago, Park Hyatt, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Peninsula Hotel Chicago, and dozens of other hotels, restaurants, ballrooms and convention halls.

Our Chicago fundraising photographers specialize in fundraisers and have 20 years of experience shooting high quality, professional photography for fundraising events!

Chicago Photographer for Fundraisers and Company Events

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has vast experience shooting photography and video for not only fundraisers, but all kinds of corporate events and professional events. We are Chicago’s leading event photography company!

Professional photography for all of your events, fundraisers included, will make your brand stand out from the competition and will add tons of value in the promotion of your company or organization. Professional photography of corporate events by a professional fundraiser photographer will show customers, prospective customers, and stakeholders all of the great things your company is doing and projects it is working on. In today’s digital age, you simply can’t afford to go without professional photography and video of all of your important company events.

Video Company for Fundraisers

We are one of the best fundraiser video companies in Chicago! Our video team specializes in fundraisers, has almost two decades of experience, and our team is all in-house. The only thing better than shooting high quality photography is having high quality video. If a photograph is worth 1,000 words as they say, then video is worth a million!

Nowadays, everyone is watching videos on their smartphones, tablets and home computers, so having video is essential if you want to market your important fundraiser in the best way possible. Professional video for fundraisers captured by a professional fundraising video company will not only serve as a great way to document the event itself but is also a great way to help raise money for your important cause by shooting a video about it.

All of the top fundraising events and charities use video to help promote their causes and show people in a very personal way what their financial support is going towards. Whether it’s fundraising for kids, animals, people experiencing homeless or almost any other worthy cause, professional video for fundraisers will go a long way towards helping to raise as much money as you can for your important cause or charity.

Video is one of the only ways to uniquely capture the emotion of the people you are supporting – it turns your cause not just into a “cause,” but a very worthy event that will directly help real people as shown on the video. Video will generate emotion in people that should greatly help your fundraiser in meeting or exceeding its goals, and a professional video company in Chicago specializing in fundraisers is surely the way to go!

Best Chicago Fundraiser Photography and Video Company – Chicago Corporate Photography and Video

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is one of Chicago’s leading professional photography and video companies for fundraising events. We have the experience needed to capture the very best photography and video that can be used to promote similar events for years to come.

We receive inquiries from many companies asking us to put together a highlight video after the fact (i.e. after the event has already taken place). Don’t make this mistake! Video is much better captured at the event itself, rather than trying to compile a highlight video through someone else’s pictures and videos after the fact. Doing it this way will be more time consuming and costly. So, it’s important to engage the video company before your next important fundraiser or special event so you will receive the very best footage possible taken from the actual event.

Do you have questions about high quality fundraising photography from a professional photography company for fundraisers? Do you have questions about high quality video for fundraisers? Please feel free to contact us at 312-623-3456, and one of our photography and video specialists will be happy to help!