LinkedIn Profile Pictures

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional LinkedIn Profile Photographer specializing in taking professional portrait pictures for your LinkedIn profile.  We will make your professional profile shine with high quality photos for your LinkedIn profile or website.



LinkedIn is a great way to connect with others in your industry and it is also a valuable resource when trying to find a new job. Keeping this in mind, it is important to realize how impactful a first impression can be. The LinkedIn professional photos on your page help those looking at your profile gain a first impression of you.

If the photos on your LinkedIn profile are not high quality then that may reflect poorly on you as a person and that could greatly affect connections and job opportunities. Don’t risk the credibility of your LinkedIn page by taking a selfie for your profile pic; have your LinkedIn professional photos taken by an experienced LinkedIn profile picture photographer in Chicago or in whatever city you are in!

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is well-versed in taking the best LinkedIn profile pictures for your profile. A professional portrait photographer from our team will make sure you look professional and personable in your LinkedIn photos. Our top of the line cameras and equipment provide the best quality so you look great in your LinkedIn headshot.

We pay attention to every detail for your professional profile pictures, making sure you look as professional, confident, trustworthy, and someone genuinely amicable to work with. We are experts on lighting, settings (indoor/outdoor/backdrops), wardrobe choices, and can even have a makeup artist on hand to help with that as well!

Working with us for your professional LinkedIn pictures is a fun experience – we are reliable, professional and fun. We are also very creative in choosing the best settings for your LinkedIn photos depending on what profession you are.


When working on improving your LinkedIn profile, you surely want to make sure everything is as well written as it can be to put your best foot forward. Graphically, you want to do the same thing. Adding pictures or logos of the companies you’ve worked for captured by an experienced LinkedIn Profile Photographer, as well as any applicable pictures or professional video of projects you’ve worked on is always a great benefit. Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words. You also want to make sure you spend some time making sure your LinkedIn profile picture is the very best and most professional photo it can be.


One of the most important items on your LinkedIn professional profile is your picture. This is often the first thing people look at when they arrive at your profile, and in turn is your first impression to your viewers. First impressions count! You don’t want your picture to look unprofessional. Even professional photographers hire other professional photographers when they are in need of pictures of themselves, their business, etc. So don’t skimp out on one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile.

Taking a profile picture with your phone is definitely not the way to go. These photos are often of a lower quality and it is evident that they were taken quickly. This may reflect on you negatively by giving those that view your profile the perception that you are sloppy and that you cut corners. It’s best to keep the initial impression of you on LinkedIn positive and that all starts with LinkedIn professional photos.

Make sure you hire a professional profile photographer like Chicago Corporate Photography and Video to take your LinkedIn profile picture to ensure it is of the highest quality. People definitely do notice if it’s not. If you want more tips on how to get the best LinkedIn profile picture, click here.


You don’t hire us simply to take high quality corporate headshots. You hire us to advise you on everything surrounding the shoot – different settings and wardrobe choices depending on your profession, lighting, makeup, and many other factors. We look out for you in terms of being a fresh set of eyes and ensuring the pictures turn out great, and also make ourselves available to advise you on anything photography related both before and after the shoot. We have captured hundreds of Chicago professionals for their LinkedIn profile pictures, so we have significant expertise in all factors that will make your headshot photography and profile pictures turn out perfect.


When you choose Chicago Corporate Photography and Video as your professional LinkedIn profile photographer, your photo shoot will be planned and well thought out, using our training and expertise to put you at your best for employers or potential employers. We also offer large discounts for corporate LinkedIn profile pictures in which we are shooting multiple people in one day on behalf of your company.

With well over 15 years of photography experience in the realm of headshots and portraits, Chicago Corporate Photography & Video has earned the title of one of the best professional LinkedIn profile photographers.

Located in downtown Chicago, we are able to provide in-studio headshots or on location headshots depending on your wants and needs. Whatever location you choose, here at Chicago Corporate will ensure that your LinkedIn professional photos offer the best first impression when people visit your LinkedIn profile.

Make the investment in yourself and get professional LinkedIn portrait photos from a professional portrait photographer in Chicago. We can take many different photos in one sitting, so be sure to bring different wardrobe selections if you want several photos as once. We can shoot photos inside, outside, in our studio or in your place of business. Please Contact Us Here or give us a call at 312-623-3456 today for a free consultation!