Professional Lombard Photographer

Lombard, a suburb of the city of Chicago, is a village with a population of a little over 42,300 people. They also host iconic festivals such as the Lilac Time Festival. With all of this business and festival action in Lombard, comes the need for a professional corporate Lombard photographer.


Your Lombard corporate photography needs should be met with the highest quality and professionality. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the company that fits this description. When it comes to corporate photography, our team of highly trained and experienced professional Lombard photographers are the best in the business. You deserve the utmost in quality and care, that’s why Chicago Corporate Photography and Video needs to be your go-to for a professional corporate Lombard photographer.

Why Hire a Corporate Lombard Photographer?

Corporate photography for your Lombard business, or any business for that matter, is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. Photography is a great way to make your company’s website stand out from competitors, and people are often drawn to visuals. However, consumers are aware of the use of stock images versus photos of your actual Lombard business and employees. Stock images are over-used and should be avoided at all costs as they reflect to customers that your Lombard company is generic and even lazy. To truly stick out to your target audience and have a leg up on the competition, be sure to hire a professional corporate Lombard photographer to capture genuine, original images of your company or products.

Professional photography conveys a message of refinement to customers and clients. It also shows that you value your business and products enough to invest in a professional corporate Lombard photographer that truly shows them in their best light. Showing employees happy in their work environment reflects well on your business, not only to prospective employees but also to consumers. Capturing the success of a business meeting through a corporate Lombard photographer is a great way to show upper management the hard work that was put in to exceed goals.

Hosting or participating in festivals is also another great example of an opportunity to benefit from professional photography. Prepping and the act of taking part in a festival takes a great deal of hard work. Don’t let this go to waste! Professional photography for your Lombard festival can be used as promotion for both your business and the festival itself.

The benefits of professional corporate photography to your Lombard company are endless. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video offers a vast variety of corporate photography services in Lombard that are sure to fulfill your needs. Whether you need high quality, professional product photography to show off your products on your e-commerce site or you need headshots to give a face to your company and show clients who they will be working with, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is your answer.

Professional Videography in Lombard

Professional video is arguably one of the most effective ways of getting information about your Lombard company out there. Video is quickly taking over as the majority of online traffic. Not implementing professional video to some extent on your website will leave your company at a significant disadvantage. With the ability to be shared on social media and it’s compatibility with smartphones, professional video is a key to your company’s success in a modern era. There are seemingly countless ways video can be used to benefit your Lombard business.

For example, product demonstration videos can be beneficial in increasing profits for your ecommerce products. One of the downsides of ecommerce is that customers are unable to physically hold the product and figure out how to use it before purchase. Professional product demonstration videography in Lombard can help tremendously. Showing the product in use through professional videography can help the product sell. However, this is just one instance in which high quality videography can benefit your business. You can also utilize professional videography for testimonials, training videos, event highlight videos, and the list goes on.

Don’t skimp on videography! Make sure that you hire a professional corporate videographer in Lombard to handle all of your corporate videography needs. Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is the best videography company in Lombard. We can provide a talented team of experienced videographers to help your company’s video idea come to life. We also have editing services to ensure your video shows the very best your company has to offer and that your products look appealing to consumers.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video – Lombard’s Premiere Photography and Videography Company

Over 15 years of experience backs up the exceptional photography and videography team at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video. Our base of operations is in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. Our location is relatively close to Lombard, and we are willing to travel to fulfill your corporate photography and videography needs.

The professionalism and quality of Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is unmatched. Our Lombard photographer and videographer’s services will have substantial positive impacts on your business. Do you have questions about corporate photography and videography services in Lombard, IL? If so, we are here to help and answer your questions! Please feel welcome to email us at or give us a call at 312-623-3456 for your complimentary consultation!