Advantages of Corporate Video – Getting Your Company’s Message Across With Videography

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Video is becoming more and more popular at a rate that simply cannot be ignored by businesses. The advantages of corporate video are numerous, whether it be on your company’s website, for advertisements, or any other beneficial platform.

Consumers appreciate the extra effort put in by businesses to provide convenient resources for learning about their values and services or products. It is also easier to for customers to access information in a way that is compatible with their smartphones.

It is also important to consider that your consumers have busy lives and likely short attention spans as many people in this modern era do. That being said, they don’t want to spend a great deal of their free time having to read a lengthy article on what the main values of your company are.

Corporate video can provide more concise information in a shorter period of time. Despite the great advantages of video, people still have their hesitations. However, these will be addressed so you can see that the positives of corporate video production far outweigh the negatives.

Advantages of Corporate Video

The main thing that makes video so valuable for business is the fact that it is so versatile in what you can do with it. There are so many advantages to corporate vide surrounding company-related topics that you can center your corporate video content around. Although, arguably one of the most fun and effective ways to use corporate video for your business is the ability of video to get your company’s message out there.

As stated previously, corporate video content to get your company’s message across is a great way to save your website visitors from having to read a long article or post about what your company’s values are. Although written content has its place and it is certainly beneficial for consumers and SEO, video has its advantages as well. Having a quick video on your website to explain what your business prides themselves on is a great way to quickly let customers know what you want them to know about your company.

It’s no secret that one of the main advantages of corporate video is that videos can be very entertaining. We’ve probably all spent some time watching online videos in order to learn something or just for the fun of it. Your business could take advantage of the entertaining quality of corporate video to entice potential clients or customers.

If your business creates a memorable, charming corporate video you run the risk of having it go viral. This would be amazing for your company to get its message out in a fun way and it would probably reach a vaster audience.

Speaking of reaching a larger audience, having a corporate video explaining your company’s message can be shared easily on social media. Your business’ social media presence is very important as nearly 70% of all adult Americans use some form of social media. Not to mention the fact that people sharing your company’s videos on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow for a great deal of free advertisement. It’s also important to consider the fact that people base decisions, on what products to buy and what services to use, on social media.

Concerns About Corporate Video Debunked

Despite all of the wonderful uses and benefits of corporate video, people will still have concerns as they do with anything. One of the common concerns with professional corporate video is that it is too costly. This is a common misconception as the investment in corporate video is one that is truly worth while. Video garners great interest in your company so you are likely to see a great ROI.

Another worry that people have when it comes to corporate video is the idea that video is just a fad and it won’t really stick. However, this is very untrue. Video content is soon going to take over all Internet traffic as the most popular form of media accessed on the web. This means your company needs to get inline with what is helping to promote businesses in the modern era and create high quality corporate video.

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When you decide to embark on the venture of creating corporate video, it would be wise to invest in a professional corporate videography company because the highest quality would be provided.

A Professional Corporate Videography Company for You

If you have been convinced that professional corporate video is a great way to get your company’s message out there, then the next step would be looking for a video company that fits your needs. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is able to help with any of your corporate video branding needs to get your business out there and appreciated by more people and utilize the many advantages of corporate video.

If you have any questions on what corporate video can do for you specifically or you would like a quote to see how much it would be to make your business video dreams come to life, feel free to email us at or call at 312-623-3456!

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