Architectural Photography: Showcase Your Location in All its Glory

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Architecture can be absolutely stunning—especially in the city of Chicago. It can be really easy to forget exactly how awesome the office building you are in actually is when you get use to going to work and being in the same place every day. We are often asked, why might a company want to pay a professional to capture architectural photography for their website and marketing materials? One thing to remember is that clients, especially when you are working on an international or interstate level, use online imagery to capture the size and scale of your corporation, and determine whether they want to work with you.

Architectural photographs can showcase your business in a new light, and demonstrate the quality of the space you are working in. In other situations, such as real estate, architectural photography can be used to sell or advertise corporate or small business spaces and homes. In destination event planning or travel-type businesses, architectural photography can be used to provide potential customers with an idea of the environment they are about to explore. While architectural photography is certainly an art form, it also has a highly functional for use in promotional and marketing materials.

Clients use architectural photography to promote buildings, homes, and spaces, that they may be trying to simply document for prospective clients or perhaps advertise in some way. We work with many different types of clients on architectural photography needs, including: architects, interior designers, commercial clients, real estate agents, and editorial outlets, among others—and it is pretty impressive to see the creative ways these photographs are used.

At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, we think that architectural photography can really showcase your location in all of its glory. Many of our architectural shots use drones to capture heights and views that cannot be seen with a regular camera alone. There are many creative ways to capture shots that give your building a unique appeal. We think that architectural photography can really showcase your location in all of its glory.

Remember that all of the photos and content you present on your website, social media, and in marketing materials in general, help to construct your brand’s image. Architectural photos can add a sense of richness and completeness. It can give your visitors a sense of what it is like to work at your location, even when they cannot visit it in-person themselves.

This post features some of our favorite architectural photography shots that have been produced by our company.

As you can see in these photos, architectural photography can really capture many different aspects of a space, and there are really endless possibilities for how they can be used by corporate or small business clients. It is important to capture aspects of your business like employees at work, warehouse shipping units, group photos, headshots, and lifestyle images–but capturing the architecture of your location can really be unique way to get a unique edge on the competition.

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