Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is a professional Chicago Video Editor, and our in-house video production team has been creating professional videos for well over a decade. Our staff is highly skilled in all stages of video creation: from pre-production to post-production.


Just as social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have incorporated video capabilities to their previously exclusively photo-based platforms, media trends around the world have also gravitated toward video. Modern consumers engage with online videos much differently than they engage with photos and text. With this in mind, many businesses have found it beneficial to produce video content. Of course, these business’ video content benefits greatly from professional production and expert video editing.​


If you are implementing video for corporate or personal use then you are on the right track in terms of what people want to see on the Internet. Video is gaining in popularity due to its ability to get messages across in a fast and efficient way.

However, the video content that gets the most positive response, especially for businesses, is high quality video content. In order to gain the best, most crisp video you will need professional video editing services in Chicago. A great video editor Chicago has to offer can do wonders when it comes to creating the best video content possible, whether that content be corporate video content or personal video content.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is outfitted to provide the highest quality video editing services possible. Our team of Chicago video editor use the latest equipment when shooting and recording, and our professional video editors use the most up-to-date video editing software available. These quality tools paired with Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s expertise in video production ensure that we provide the best video production and the best video editing services in Chicago.


Finding a Chicago video editor that can meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations is not as easy of a feat as some may think. There is an abundance of video editing companies in Chicago that claim to be the best of the best, but in reality, they likely lack the experience and skill necessary for such a claim.

When you are looking for a video editor in Chicago, be sure to look into their portfolio of finished work to see if they really are good at what they do. Another important consideration is whether or not they offer an entire video production package. Meaning, can they help you not only edit a video, but shoot one from start to finish for you as well.

A great Chicago video editor and an amateur video editor in Chicago have a great deal that separates them. However, you may be wondering what exactly differentiates great from amateur when it comes to video editing companies in Chicago.

First and foremost, experience is a key difference. A great, and or the best, professional video editor in Chicago will have years and years of experience with all sorts of projects and various requests. Another thing that is found in a great video editor in Chicago is high quality equipment. This allows them to treat your video project with the utmost care. Finally, a great video editing company in Chicago will respect your vision and be able to make it come to life without going over the top with creative freedom.

A Chicago video editor is the way to go when you want to make sure that your video project is a winner. Today’s consumers can be very picky and will be able to tell if something is not of the quality they expect it to be at. Chicago video editing services are offered by the experienced team here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video. Out of all the video editing companies Chicago has to offer, we are one of the best and our portfolio speaks for itself. Don’t risk another, less experienced video editing company to work on your video project.

With so much experience producing videos from start to finish, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s video staff is no stranger to the post-production and video editing processes. Our video department is exceedingly accomplished in all of the following:


At first thought, one may not consider footage selection to be an especially notable or difficult aspect of post production. The process of selecting footage, however, is an art form in its own respect. Sometimes, our video editors are presented with multiple days of footage and tasked to pare it down into a short two or three minute video. In situations like this, where there is a great amount of raw footage, experienced video editors are able to efficiently select the best clips for the final cut.


When done well, viewers often do not notice video transitions, but when they are done poorly, they become awfully apparent. Bad transitions ruin the flow of a video, and they prevent viewers from immersing themselves in the video experience. Professional video editors expertly string video and audio clips together to create a final video with a kind of rhythm that keeps viewers engaged.


Much like transitions, audio quality and balance is only really recognized by viewers when it is poorly done. Well edited and balanced audio should be clear and natural. Additionally, music should add to, rather than detract from video’s story. There is more that goes into audio balancing and editing than one may think—good video editors know this and work hard to ensure that a video’s sound is as perfect as possible.


Animated logos and motion graphics really add a wow factor to videos. These sorts of effects are not only visually impressive, but they add a sense of professionalism and class to any video. Effectively creating these effects and implementing them into a video requires both artistic talent and skill in a number of programs, and as such, amateurs find that producing video graphics is a notably difficult task.


In addition to being technicians and artists, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s video editors are storytellers. Successful videos tell stories: plain and simple. These stories are enriched by the combination of captivating visuals and gripping audio. Music and dialogue work with video footage to create the elegance so unique to video. Our staff understands and practices this, and this can be seen through our prior work.


Having worked in the video industry for so long, the video editors at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video are experienced in a variety of video types. Considering that our video team is accomplished in nearly all video types, we offer video editing services and video production services for a wide range of video projects. These video types include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Convention Videos
  • Home Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Highlight Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Architectural Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Commercials

If your video project differs significantly from the ones listed above, please do not hesitate to talk to our staff about it. We love working on interesting projects and creating unique videos!

When evaluating what a video editor in Chicago has to offer, there are important things that you should keep in mind. You have to think if this specific video editor in Chicago is able to see your vision for the corporate video project.

It is also important that the video editing company is able to have ample communication with you so you know exactly the direction your video project is being taken. At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, our video editors encompass all that you could ever need in a Chicago video editor. We make sure that there is ample communication and that your vision is captured through our video production and video editing services.


At Chicago Corporate Photography & Video, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your Chicago video production and video editing needs. We work our hardest to make sure that your corporate video production project in Chicago is edited with an eye for detail and a consideration as to what the best aspects of your company are to showcase. Years of perfecting video editing means our professional video editors in Chicago IL are top of the line when it comes to quality and their focus on all the small details.

Are you looking for professional video editing services to turn your raw footage into a finalized video? Are you searching for a full service video production company to turn your ideas into a reality? Whatever your video needs are, Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is happy to work with you.

Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is excited to talk to you about your video needs; call us at 312-623-3456 or email us at