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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video is Chicago’s best festival photographer. We specialize in photography for all types of festivals in Chicago. Especially during the summer, when there are dozens of Chicago festivals.



Street festivals and other festivals in Chicago have really grown over the years. What typically starts as a small gathering can, over time and with plentiful vendors and attractions, become a very large street festival in just a few years. There is no better way to promote your Chicago neighborhood festival than with high quality festival photography. An image truly is worth 1,000 words, and in today’s digital age you should have numerous high quality photos on your festival’s website to attract more visitors to the event.

Check out Chicago’s wide assortment of festivals, parades, concerts, street fairs, and social events on the calendar at ChicagoNow.com found here.

Festival photography taken by a professional festival photographer in Chicago can add so much value in terms of increasing your visitor count and building the festival’s brand. You can use the professional festival photography on websites, social media pages, brochures and marketing materials. Especially considering photography is at the core of modern marketing. Professional festival photography for just one festival can be used and reused over many years to promote the event. Hiring a Chicago festival photographer can substantially increase revenues over the long term, creating invaluable marketing material for promotions and future events.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is just the festival photography company that you need to capture all of the happenings of your Chicago festival. Professional festival photography is one of our many specialties and we would be happy to act as a festival photographer for your event.

We know just what will provide the most value to your company or organization from a marketing perspective both monetarily and on the basis of creating positive brand awareness. Let one of our expert festival photographers here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video capture valuable and stunning professional festival photography for your company or organization.


As mentioned above, there are so many festivals and fun events in Chicago that they are too numerous to list them all here. However, here are a few of the most popular festivals and popular events in the Chicago area:

  • Lincoln Park Greek Fest
  • Navy Pier Summer Fireworks
  • Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival
  • Hyde Park Brew Fest
  • Ravinia Festival
  • Wicker Park’s Green Music Fest
  • Andersonville Midsommarfest
  • Spring Awakening Music Festival
  • Old Town Art Fair
  • Wells Street Art Festival
  • Millennium Park Summer Music Series
  • Grant Park Music Festival
  • Taste of Randolph
  • Chicago Pride Fest
  • Gold Coast Art Fair
  • Lollapalooza
  • Chicago Air & Water Show

Now when you select a festival photographer in Chicago, you want to be sure that they are experienced with Chicago festivals when it comes to navigating them and knowing where the best shot opportunities are. Chicago Corporate Photography & Video is just the professional festival photography company that you need.

We are Chicago natives and are very familiar with all sorts of city festivals and fun events. We also have great experience capturing breathtaking, professional festival photography at numerous different Chicago festivals. This is why the team here at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video should be your go to for all of your Chicago festival photography needs.


Your Chicago festival photographer should photograph everything. If they are there anyway, you might as well capture as many photos as you can, as you may have uses for all of them later. Shoot the vendors or musicians setting up. Capture the surrounding area and behind the scenes photos. Most importantly, capture people and the crowd!

You want to capture as much as possible throughout the whole festival from beginning to end. Try to tell a story. What makes this festival unique from others that are similar? Tell a story that tries to encompass the theme of the festival, the neighborhood, and the people there. Capture the different food choices available and booth offerings there. And again, don’t forget to capture the most important parts that will also serve as the best photos for marketing – the people!


If you want high quality, professional festival photography, you definitely want to go with a professional photography company to do it. Here are multiple reasons why hiring a professional special event photographer for Chicago festivals is your best bet:

  • Large crowds can be difficult to navigate through to capture the best photos. A professional photographer has experience doing this
  • Festival photography that is of high quality requires expensive equipment and a lot of experience to get it right
  • Festivals typically are both during the day and evening hours, and a professional Chicago festival photography company will have plenty of experience with environments with different lighting
  • If you are one of the festival planners, you will likely have way too much going on to take photography of the event
  • Editing and Retouching the photos after the event is no easy feat and requires an experienced professional to edit them properly so you have the very best images
  • An experienced Chicago photographer will know the best angles and ways to take the photos so they turn out great
  • Some photographers also perform video services and can create an event highlight video for your festival or event.

Chicago Corporate Photography & Video exceeds all of these expectations for a festival photographer in Chicago. We offer both festival photography and videography services that provide great value to your company or organization when it comes to marketing purposes. Our staff operates with the highest levels of professionalism and care.

It is our goal to capture the best festival photography while still being respectful of the event. We do not disturb the flow of the event. Rather, we take advantage of candid opportunities. We can also expertly retouch photos so they are of the highest quality as well.


As summer approaches, some of the largest, most well-known festivals like Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago, Pitchfork Music Festival and the infamous Chicago Air and Water Show are just around the corner. Festival photography is a must if you want to attract more people to attend your event.

A professional festival photography company like Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has the specific set of skills needed to get the best shots of a wide variety. It’s vital that a festival photographer not only is able to capture images in various weather conditions and lightning but is also prepared for other unforeseen events.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video’s festival photographer has years of experience shooting, editing and producing incredible festival photos across the country. Festival photography not only helps engage event visitors after the festival but also helps sell your event from the moment the pictures are seen by other potential event-goers. Our advanced festival photographer can provide an intricate service that truly illustrates the atmosphere of the festival.

A main reason to hire a festival photography company to shoot your event is to produce evidence of the excitement surrounding your festival and to help create buzz for next year’s. By capturing people in their best light at your event will show other people how much fun they will have if they attend your event.

It also keeps people coming back each year because it helps them remember what a great time they had and creates an overall memorable experience for them.  If you plan on hiring a professional festival photographer, good for you! If not, then here are some tips from our advanced festival photographer on how to take the best festival photography:

  1. Expect the Unexpected —The most important part of festival photography is being prepared. Be sure to plan in advance and learn all there is to know about the event you’re capturing. For instance, if you’re shooting a singer or band, are they planning on using fireworks or some special feature that might throw you off guard? Or does the performer tend to crowd surf? If so, you need to be prepared to take high-quality images of these important moments.
  2. Be Safe — Festivals can be a rowdy place for you and your camera equipment. Food, drinks, and bodily fluids can fly about and if you aren’t too careful, you might just end up losing one of your most treasured lenses. Invest in waterproof cases, cling film and be sure to bring a spare set of film, batteries, or memory cards just in case! If you’re shooting a live concert, invest in some ear plugs and water bottles to stay hydrated and protect your ears.
  3. Tell a Story — One of the most unique things about festivals are their visitors. Every person has a different story to tell, so tell it! Instead of capturing random images of people, food, or things, try to shoot a story. Find pictures that might go together to create a narrative. Look for key aspects of the festival that gives a true sense of the experience and be sure to combine these shots with general photos of the event to make the occasion feel more balanced
  4. Finally, have fun — Whether you’re a professional festival photographer yourself, it’s always important to remember to have a good time. Festival photography helps you remember these times and if you’re spending the whole event looking through your lens, it will be almost as if you weren’t there at all. So be sure to take a break and enjoy yourself every now and then.


Chicago Corporate Photography and Video has over 20 years of experience in festival photography and all types of other events, both corporate and noncorporate. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago we are very close to all areas in the city and not far from the surrounding suburbs. Our festival photographers are friendly, professional, and affordable, and will work with you to capture the very best moments of your festival or social event.

Do you have questions about festival photography or would like to discuss adding high quality festival photography to your website, marketing program or social media pages? We’ll be happy to help. Please give us a call at 312-623-3456 or you may Contact Us Here.