3 Reasons to Use Original Photography as Office Art

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What are the benefits of using original photography for your office art? At Artmill we’ve worked with a number of companies who choose to style their work space with original photos for a variety of reasons, but the decision almost always boils down to how they want their company to be perceived. Here’s a breakdown of how and why some of our clients used original photography for their corporate art.

Branding Your Work Space

When Chicago shared work space HUB116 was looking to enliven their office, owner Vincent Flaska sourced from original street art photography. The bright colors and varied styles lent a sense of coolness and modernity to the glass and cinder block offices. Some of the photos were taken by his friends in Chicago, while some were collected by Flaska himself while studying street art abroad in Prague. “We’re trying to attract a younger generation into our shared space offices. I chose graffiti because it’s a different style and because of what it stands for; it’s impressive what these artists can do with the city as their canvas.”

Uniting Your Office with a Common Theme

MTM Inc. recently moved into an expanded office space and strived to include visual elements that would link the space with a common theme. The visually stunning style of Alfredo Diez’s travel photography was exactly what CEO Alaina Macia wanted. Tasked with choosing office art from his large portfolio of photos, his decisions stemmed from serving the work space and finding the best photos to compliment the office environments. “I took into account the ambiance and matched the personality of the art to the different offices.”

Putting Your Company’s Specialty at the Forefront

Original photography can show off what your company does best. In the case of Kinsley Group, they wanted quality office art that also served as examples to their clientele. Patti Stewkesbury of Kinsley charged her staff with snapping onsite installation photos, which became the basis of their office décor. “We were replacing a lot of disparate framed legacy artwork. I wanted to find something that was more forward looking that showed the growth and progressive look of the company.”

What style of photography works best for your business? Learn more and see our feature in Artmill’s 65 Types of Photography to Inspire.

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