How Your Website Will Benefit From Professional Photography and Video

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It’s a well-known fact that the success of your business depends on the effectiveness of your online presence. But in order to successfully convert leads with your website, it needs to look professional and appealing. High-quality photos and videos go a long way to enhance the conversion potential of your website by boosting your credibility over others in your market. Here are some specific ways that professional website photography & videography can benefit your site:

Home Page

As the first page that prospective customers see upon entering your website, your home page, in many ways, has the responsibility of having to be the most appealing page on your site. If visitors aren’t receptive to your homepage, it’s unlikely that they will take the time to visit the rest of the site.

Many companies opt to use stock photos on their home page. This can be a cheaper way to add images to a website, but they come at their own cost. The quality of stock images can greatly vary depending on your subscription. But more importantly, visitors to your website will be able to tell that they are not original images.

On your home page, feature rotating photos of your employees in action. Link to news or blog posts on other pages. Professional website photography & videography that are made specifically for your business make a fantastic first impression. They show your customers that you are serious about your products and services while letting your company’s personality shine through.

Product Pages

Depending on what industry you’re in, it’s imperative that you have professional photos and videos taken of your products to ensure that your customers see them in the best light. Make a separate “products” page on your website that shows your customers what you can do.

Professional photos and videos are not only great ways to entice your customers into purchasing your products but they can also help your customers learn how they work.

Make a professional demo video that exhibits the best qualities of your products and how they can be useful for your customers. The right demo video will go a long way towards helping a customer make a decision about your products.

Blog Posts

It’s always a good idea to have images accompany your blog posts. If they are relevant to your content, images will entice visitors to stay on your blog pages longer and potentially visit other pages. But having professional photos taken for some of your blog posts can really set you apart in your market.

If you are writing about specific locations, hire a professional photographer to come take pictures of those locations. If you are writing about your company, have a photographer take a professional shot of your building. Posting high-quality photos alongside your blogs gives them a higher chance of getting shared across social media.

Events and News

If your company hosts or attends events often, it’s imperative that you hire a professional photographer to capture the best moments. Oftentimes, a company has to create their own news to increase visibility in their market. A busy company conducting business all over the country deserves to have adequate coverage.

Hire a professional photographer for a trade show, conference, or cocktail event that your company is hosting to impress potential customers. Post these photos on your website along with a short write-up. The more impressive these events are, the more impact they will have on your customers.

You can also have professional photos taken for any press releases announcing new initiatives. Not only is this a better way to present company news, but it also puts a face to your company’s announcements.

It’s all about forging a personal relationship with your customers based on trust. Consumers trust companies that are accessible and visible. A professional website photography & videography company can help you build this connection.

Website Photography & Videography Can Strengthen Overall SEO

Images are very powerful SEO boosters. Besides allowing you to input keywords and phrases using metadata and descriptions, images allow your content to stand out among hundreds of other similar results when a user performs a search. But images will only be valuable to your company if they are optimized correctly.

The problem with using stock photos for your web pages is that your website will start to blend in with all the other results. Great SEO means creating the most unique website possible. If you’re not able to make your website stand out, you’ll be less likely to get traffic to your website.

This means that any stock images you publish are a wasted opportunity to increase your website’s visibility. With high-quality original photos, you can be confident that your images are unique. Google will take notice, as will any potential customers.

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