Digital Marketing Companies Need a Corporate Photographer on Hand

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In today’s digital world, especially in large cities like Chicago, it is essential that digital marketing companies have a great corporate photographer on hand. There are so many aspects of the digital marketing and photography industries that are intertwined, and having a professional digital marketing photography company readily available will help set you apart from your competition.

Below are reasons why your Chicago digital marketing company will greatly benefit from having a professional photography company readily available:

1. High Quality Photography by a Professional Corporate Photographer Helps Your Customer’s Product or Service Sell

Whether your clients are selling food at a restaurant, products on their website, or services, high quality photography will sell their product or service faster. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and professional digital marketing photography looks, well, professional and non-professional photography cheapens your customers’ brand and image, literally.

Today, almost everyone goes online before they purchase anything, whether it be products or services, and not having professional images on your website and social media channels will make it more likely that your potential customers will purchase those products or services from a company that does have professional images. Not having high quality images of what you are selling nowadays is a big turnoff to your customers and prospective customers. We are a very visual people in today’s day and age. Especially with today’s high mobile device engagement, using high quality images is becoming more important by the day.

2. Professional Photography Requires Experience and Equipment

Professional photography with crisp, clean high quality photographs requires significant photography experience and expensive equipment – typically out of the area of expertise of a digital marketing company. Cameras, lighting, backdrops, and everything else that contributes to generating high quality images is not inexpensive. Operating the equipment and having the “eye” to take the best shots at the best angles takes a lot of experience to do; it’s not something that you can learn overnight. There are so many things you need to know about the so many different aspects of digital marketing photography that make it worth it’s weight in gold to hire a professional photography company to serve as an enhancement to your digital marketing company.

3. The Needs for Professional Photography Touches Almost Every Industry

Just as digital marketing services are relevant and needed for pretty much every industry you can think of, high quality photography services are also needed for almost any business in every industry you can think of. Here are just a few examples:

  • Real Estate Professionals: Nothing sells real estate like high quality photos!
  • Restaurant Photography: Many people will check restaurant’s’ websites before making a reservation. Having high quality food photography can make people hungry even when they’re not!
  • Law Firms and Professional Firms: High quality executive portraits of the executives and team members is common practice. Many law firms and professional firms also ask for high quality lifestyle photos for their websites to show the human side of the firm.
  • Web Design Companies: Stock photos are becoming increasingly expensive, and businesses don’t want to see the photos used on their site also being used on other websites. Companies are also really cracking down on copyright infringement for photography, so high quality original images is something web developers increasingly ask for.

In addition, almost every company has occasional professional events, conferences, trade shows, and other great marketing opportunities they host or attend. Promoting these events before and after is likely a part of the company’s existing marketing program. Promoting these events with high quality photography will make them significantly more effective than with words alone.

4. Services After the Shoot

Professional corporate photographers have the experience and tools to provide many services to your clients after their photography shoots. They have the ability to provide high quality retouching services, photo editing services, and video services, just to name a few. It is easier and more efficient for a photography company to provide these services if they are also the company that took the photographs. By having a professional corporate photographer as essentially another branch of your digital marketing agency, there is a host of services that they can provide as a trusted partner that will help build and market your customers’ brands.

The Takeaway

For a digital marketing agency, having a corporate photographer handy is something you just can’t afford not to do in today’s digital age. Having a professional corporate photographer as a trusted partner will result in added, much needed services you will be able to provide your clients that will greatly enhance their marketing programs.

Photography projects will also be much easier and will save on costs if you have a long term partnership with a professional photographer rather than trying to find a different photographer every time a project comes up. Finally, partnering up with a digital marketing photography professional can be great for cross marketing efforts between your agency and the photography company.

Have you considered hiring a professional to help with your digital marketing agency’s photography? Let us know in the comments section below—we would love to hear from you!

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