LinkedIn ProFinder Drives Business for Chicago Photography Company

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Chicago Corporate Photography and Video had a wonderful experience recently due to our membership in LinkedIn’s ProFinder, a professional services marketplace. We were thrilled to be engaged by, and later hired by, LinkedIn Learning to provide photography services at their booth during the HOW Design Live conference in Chicago this spring.

We’ve had great success gaining clients through LinkedIn’s ProFinder tool, but never imagined this would lead to being hired by LinkedIn Learning for this large event!

We’re excited to report how it all transpired and also want to convey some tips and tricks we use to gain clients via this great tool for small businesses or freelancers thinking of signing up.

How It All Began

We’ve been a member of Profinder since the beginning. We signed up because we thought it would be a great tool for generating leads and new business, and it was. Within a short time, we received multiple inquiries from individuals and companies in need of professional photography and video services, and continue to receive leads on a regular basis.

Fast forward to April 2017. LinkedIn Learning was looking for a headshot photographer for their booth at the HOW Design Live conference and found us on ProFinder. They were impressed by our website and excellent customer reviews so reached out. This led to a relationship being formed, and our company ultimately being hired for the conference.

Throughout the conference, attendees were able to get a free headshot that was professionally photographed by the owner of Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, Jimmy Fishbein. Fishbein captured the attendee’s photo and Michael Lambert, head of production, performed some light editing and retouching work. Each image was then uploaded to the attendee’s LinkedIn profile.

ProFinder Tips and Tricks

Some of the things that have worked for us and ultimately led to our company forming this great relationship with LinkedIn are:

  • Follow up quickly with potential clients that contact you through ProFinder. Fast follow ups greatly aid in gaining the business and also lead to great reviews.
  • Ensure your website and company LinkedIn profile are thorough and up to date. Having a professional website and current LinkedIn profile will set you apart from your competition
  • Create a content marketing campaign and consistently write compelling content that’s valuable to your readers and not just marketing for yourself. Doing so will create interest with your current subscriber base and show your prospective customers that you’re knowledgeable and able to provide value for their investment.

The Takeaway

We developed a great relationship with LinkedIn Learning and may do business again with them. This all came about by simply being a member of LinkedIn ProFinder, keeping our profile and website current, and returning their call promptly. In addition to working with LinkedIn, we’ve gained the business of numerous high profile companies through ProFinder. It’s easy for any company to have a similar experience, but you’ll never know unless you sign up!

For questions or additional information regarding this article, or for help with your professional profile photos, executive portraits, or corporate photography, please feel free to contact Jimmy Fishbein at Chicago Corporate Photography & Video at 312-623-3456.

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