Why You Should Hire a Professional Trade Show Videographer

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Putting on a trade show can be a lot of work. From coordinating a venue, booths, catering, guest speakers, and a plethora of other responsibilities, it takes efficient planning, long hours, and a little bit of luck to make sure your trade show goes on without a hitch. But from a marketing standpoint, their benefits are innumerable. The exposure that you can get from a successful trade show can change the course of your company. That’s why it’s imperative that you hire a trade show videographer who can document every aspect of your show. These videos can be useful for you and your employees as well as any potential customers.

The Lead-Up

Before your trade show even starts, you need to be able to properly promote it. The lead-up to your trade show is almost as important as the show itself because people need to be enticed to visit. A videographer can help you make promotional videos detailing exactly what the trade show will entail.

Focusing on incentives is crucial. How can your clients benefit from attending your show? Are you showcasing a new product? Short videos posted on your website or social media profiles serve to give your clients a taste of what they can expect. These videos build momentum and can get people excited about your show.

Although e-mail blasts, newsletters, and physical invitations are effective, they cannot communicate the same amount of information as a well-made video. A video is also more likely to stick in the minds of your clients, ensuring that your upcoming trade show stays on their radar.

Show People What You Can Do

A high-quality video of your trade show can go a long way to present your company and your products in a positive light. The video should feature your best and brightest employees and your most innovative products.

Some companies opt to screen entertaining and informative videos at their tradeshows. The right trade show videographer can turn these videos into additional marketing tools at your event. Take this as an opportunity to communicate your brand’s message that appeals to your target audience. Let your company’s personality shine while giving your products and services a high-tech, visual advertising platform.

Reach a Wider Audience

As stated before, a trade show gives you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills and expertise to potential clients. But it’s not always easy for businessmen and women with packed schedules to attend shows in person. Whether you are organizing the entire show or just reserving a booth, you want to make sure that your pitch reaches as many people in your target demographic as possible.

Hiring a videographer for your trade show allows you to set up a live feed of the event that you can stream from your website. It’s best to hire a professional for these events because they know to focus on the highlights. Just setting up a live feed with a laptop can result in a lot of downtime and dead air. You’ll not only lose viewers, but you’ll miss out on valuable advertising time.

If adequately promoted, streaming live video from your trade show can increase your consumer base by tenfold.

Critique Yourself

A video of your trade show gives you and employees the opportunity to critique your performance. What went right? What didn’t go so right? Learn from any mistakes you make so you don’t repeat them.

The benefit of this practice is that you can make sure your trade shows get better and better for you and your customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s no secret that video content is great for your website’s SEO. Videos provide you a number of opportunities to optimize your website and increase its visibility. Write meta descriptions with keywords and relevant phrases. Connect your video to other pages on your website using tags. Add links to your trade show video in blog posts, and press releases.

If there are any particularly entertaining moments at your trade show, edit the footage and post a short clip on your social media page. Not only will you be able to entice people to visit your website, you’ll be able to engage with your customers. If people like your video, they may share it on their own profile. This will serve to increase your social media influence and eventually contribute to more sales and higher profits.

The Benefits of a Trade Show Videographer Outweigh the Costs

There are tangible benefits to hiring a videographer for your trade show. On the biggest stage, you want to make sure you can maximize your visibility and take advantage of the exposure.

But you don’t need to splurge to get great video coverage of your trade show. Hire a trade show videographer that can provide you with a high-quality document of the event without breaking the bank.

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