How to Produce Great Business Video Content for Your Chicago Company

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These days, it’s more important than ever that you utilize great business video content as a major marketing priority for your company. But you have to make sure that your content appeals to your customers or your efforts won’t amount to any substantial sales increases.

Here’s how you can develop and produce great business video content for your Chicago company to better connect with your customers:

Highlight Your Relationship With The City

As a Chicago based-business, you can’t ignore those in your local market. The best way to show your customers that you value your roots is to show them how much you love your city.

Has your company been involved in any fundraising or charity events around the city? Film a video that details the work you put into those events. Go on a team lunch outing and make a video of you and your colleagues enjoying the local cuisine. Rent out a box at your local stadium to cheer on your favorite teams, edit together a video of the evening and post it to your website.

These are effective great business video content ideas because they humanize your company and show your customers that you’re made up of regular, relatable people. It’s important to illustrate your association with the city because people will be more willing to trust your brand and your products. If you want to make any headway in your local market, brand trust is paramount.

Showcase Your Employees With Great Business Video Content

Making a video showing your employees in a relaxed atmosphere is a great way to develop a down to earth brand. But whenever possible, you should let your employees do the talking!

Develop a series of video testimonials starring your employees. Ask them to detail what drew them to their current field, why they enjoy working for your company and any other positive comments you want to include. Testimonials are one of the best ways to sell people on your company because they focus on real people. Come off as genuine, and you’ll be able to build a very positive brand image this way.

Find Unique Ways To Present Your Product

At the end of the day, your products should be central to your marketing strategy. But depending on your market, it’s not always enough to just make dull product description videos. Show them in action!

Make videos of people interacting with your products to give your customers a sense of their benefits and how they work. Take your products to a trade show and make a video that shows your customers that your company was the talk of the town.

In any video that showcases your products, the key should always be to convince your customers that they should want to buy your products. Highlight ways that your company stands out in your market. Show your customers that you offer unique solutions for specific problems. Every video you make should entice your customers to covet your products while painting your company in an innovative light.

Make Sure Your Video is Relevant

But if you want to build any kind of lasting relationship with your customers, your content has to be relevant and accessible. Knowing your market is crucial. You should be hyperaware of your customers’ wants and needs. If you’re able to address these desires in your content, you’ll be able to gain a much wider audience. Your connection with your audience will also be more meaningful if they can trust your company as a resource.

A relevant video starts with an appealing topic, but your tone and style also play into whether or not your videos will resonate with your audience. What demographic are you trying to reach? Older audiences will generally prefer more traditional videos that prioritize the information itself over the need to sell the information. Younger audiences are more likely to be drawn to visually striking videos that instantly grab their attention. These are generalizations, but you should be aware of what your audience will like and create content to reflect that.

Hire Professionals to Do The Job Right

But the most important part of creating video content for business is quality. Low-quality videos reflect poorly on your business and your products. Regardless of what your content is, if you come across as technologically behind, customers won’t be excited to learn more about your products and eventually make a purchase.

Consider hiring a professional videography company in Chicago to help you develop great business video content that will blow your competitors out of the water. Trying to make videos without the right expertise or equipment is just not a sustainable solution for your marketing department. As a major part of your sales strategy, your videos should show your customers that you are a company that deserves their business and are serious about marketing your products.

Have any questions about how a professional photo and video business can help your company? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us and jumpstart your consumer outreach efforts!

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