5 Ways Professional Video Can Make Your Website Stand Out

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An entertaining, well-designed website is becoming a necessity in a digital age, rather than a luxury. This being said, a business must have a strong site that is able to stand out from the competition! It can be difficult to try and be memorable in a sea of other websites. However, by utilizing video in your company’s website, you can differentiate from your competitors’ sites. Also, it is vital to recognize the positive effect professional website video would have in helping your Internet site thrive.

1. Video Rapidly Gets Your Company’s Message Across

It is common for businesses to utilize a text-dense article or webpage to discuss their company’s message. In theory, this would be a great way to explain your company’s values to potential customers and clients. However, there is a faster and better way to let people know what is important to your business.

The public, especially in a modern era, wants information quickly. This opens the door for professional website video. Adding a short video explaining what your company is about delivers the information to potential customers and clients far more rapidly than having to read a lengthy article.

2. High Quality Video Allows You to Show What Makes Your Business Unique

In every industry, more so in a large city like Chicago, there is competition. It is then a mission for companies to differentiate themselves from the rest. Although, through text alone it can be quite difficult.

By including video on your website, it is then possible to truly show why your company and your website stick out from the rest. A short clip of an average day in the office can show potential employees the corporate culture. It can also show show potential customers or clients your professionalism and personality.

3. Professional Website Video Adds a Visual Aspect

It is important for websites to be engaging and entertaining. If someone finds a website boring or unappealing, then they can go to a countless number of other websites dedicated to the same topic. For companies, this can be quite detrimental.

However, by utilizing the right methods, a business can have a flourishing website that keeps a patron’s attention. One of the best methods to accomplish this is video! By including video on your website, you create a visual aspect that can be entertaining for the viewer. A video is also arguably more memorable than plain text.

4. Professional Video Makes Your Website More Accessible

It is commonplace to see people on their phones whether they are texting, tweeting, posting, or what have you. This means that websites have to be compatible with mobile phones in order to be successful. Even if your site is programmed to work well with smartphones, it is still difficult to try and read an article on such a small screen.

By implementing video on your website, you make it easier for mobile phone users to enjoy your content as people commonly watch videos on their phones anyway. This gives you a leg up on competition if your site has smartphones in mind.

5. Video Boosts the Likelihood of Repeat Visits To Your Website

One of the most important parts of a business’ website is not only getting people to visit the site, but getting people to visit it multiple times. A chief determinate in whether or not someone will go to your website again is how entertaining it is.

If your website is not entertaining enough for the public, then they will find a website that is. For example, video can help provide something more interactive than just plain text. A short clip can also be used to separate necessary text into smaller fragments so that it’s not as dense.

By creating a website that has interesting and entertaining videos, especially if the videos are updated from time to time, it gives people a reason to come back to the site.

What Videos to Add to Your Website

When deciding what videos you want to put on your website, you have to consider what the best aspects of your company that should be highlighted are. An ecommerce site may focus on product videos and demonstrations in order to compensate for the lack of physically showing customers the products.

A healthcare clinic could use professional website video to show friendly staff interactions and a clean facility. A corporate office may want to include videos of a professional, yet still comfortable and amicable workplace that would appeal to potential employees.

The Takeaway – Professional Videography for Your Business

Your website is likely your first impression to potential clients and customers. Keeping this in mind, it should represent your business in the best light. Even Forbes recognizes the vast importance of video for your business. A professional videography company in Chicago would help your company shine! Again, Chicago is a large city that is the home to an abundance of companies. Therefore, it is essential that your business puts it’s best foot forward.

A reputable videography company will work with your business to establish important aspects to film. Their high-quality equipment allows for stunning clarity that will make your website appear quite sharp. A professional videographer would also have the editing capabilities to ensure your professional website video displays the best features of your company or products.
Do you have questions about professional, high quality videos that will make your company stand out among the competition? We’re here to help! Please feel free to give us a call at 312-623-3456.

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