Why Your Brand’s Website Needs Unique Video Content

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When you develop a website these days, it is almost essential to feature unique video content, if for no other reason, because online consumers prefer video over almost any other way of getting information quickly. While having written content is obviously important (especially for good SEO), businesses that neglect having video content for websites are likely to suffer in today’s online environment.

Videos allow people to gain access to the information you want them to faster than they would by reading alone. According to some recent research by YouTube, cited on Moz, at least 1 billion unique viewers visit YouTube each month—this speaks to the volume of people looking to consume video content.

Not convinced yet? As a corporate photography and video business, our goal is to help companies produce the types of video content for websites that they want on their site, which helps to grow their brand’s online presence. Here are just some of the types of videos we shoot, edit, and produce for businesses (and some ideas of what your brand could be doing to produce unique video content):

  • brand videos
  • explainer videos
  • CEO profiles
  • web videos
  • training videos
  • music videos​
  • documentaries
  • broadcast promos
  • concert visuals
  • trailers
  • commercials
  • web advertisements
  • promo videos
  • teaser trailers
  • video billboards

Even from this short list, you can see the possibilities that having unique video content can provide. Let’s explore some of the reasons that your brand or business needs unique video production.


Enhance Your Website Experience

People are generally visual creatures and they tend to gravitate towards a website experience that isn’t just a static or text based. You can use videos to create a compelling experience for your users when they visit your page to learn more about who you are and what you do. You can use videos to tell users more about your product, your expertise, or the story of how your company came to be.


Improve Your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one the primary concerns of businesses in the online environment—and videos can really help to improve your rankings and overall online presence. For example, video content for websites can actually improve your conversion rates. In a recent study by Video Rascal, people were 85% more likely to buy a product or service if there is a video explainer that accompanies it.

By offering “explainer video” content you not only improve a customer’s experience on your website, but you also improve your rankings in search engine results. This is because search engines like Google prefer fresh content, and it takes content like video as a positive since users will be “hooked” and want to remain on your website more immediately. Since people generally decide in under a minute if they want to stay on a web page, this can be a huge deal.


Increase Your Audience

Explainer videos or unique video content for websites of any form is easily shareable thanks to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. Video content does not need to be restricted to your website, and in fact, when you use a hosting platform, you’re able to share video content on social media really easy. When people can easily share content that they like, you are going to have a much larger audience than you would have if you were restricting it to your website alone. With so many viewers watching and actively seeking video content, having unique videos can increase your audience more than other forms of engagement alone.

Build Credibility

One of the things that visitors look for when they are new to a website is a sense of credibility and professionalism, especially if they have never worked with you before or were not referred by a friend. Video content is definitely one of the ways you can build credibility and rapport as explainer videos establish a sense of authority in your field, but video content also looks highly professional. Remember that new video content also impresses returning clients as well! When it looks like you put time, effort, and money into your site, people are going to take your site as more credible when compared to others in your industry.

The Takeaway: Overview of Unique Video Content Benefits

Video content can really help to enhance your website and online image. They help to increase your audience and social shares, but also most importantly, to build credibility with new and existing clients. Developing videography that looks professional can be difficult to do in-house, and outsourcing to a professional video company can really be worth it for the content produced.

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