Why Your Entire Staff Needs Interesting, Original, and Unique Corporate Headshots

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Let’s face it…your staff page is probably a drag. That, or the photos you gathered from each individual employee are dated. The old corporate headshots are likely not cohesive, and don’t really paint the best picture of your staff as a whole—and that is a real bummer.

So many businesses think that posting corporate headshots means posting drab photos of their employees just to show that humans do in fact work behind the scenes and that you can put a face to them. The problem is that this doesn’t really stand out and it definitely does nothing to contribute a unique edge to your brand’s image. If you want to really stand out, you should hire a photographer, to capture unique and customized images of your employees.

There are some good reasons why you should have all of your staff’s corporate headshots taken by a professional photographer—to make sure you have the best staff page possible. You do not need to have everyone shot with a plain background or without any kind of motion or life. In fact, some of the best staff pages really utilize awesome environmental shots or unique spaces for the photoshoot to update their staff pictures. It says that you have the ability to do something different, and it looks like your company has the professionalism to do the job right!

1. New Website Content

New website content is always a plus—especially when the updates are visual. Returning customers are always pleased to go back to a company’s site, look at a staff page in order to pin-point who they’ve worked with and find that the photos have been updated. More than this, search engines really love new website content, especially visual content. Why? Because people love visual content! Search engines have caught on to this preference of visual content on behalf of users and have start incorporating it into their ranking factors—this is really one of those things that is only going to increase in importance over time.

2. Corporate Headshots for Creative “About Us” Pages

Why not do something different? Get together with your team and figure out a fun, quirky, smart, or creative way to present your employees on your “about us” page. Photographers, alongside graphic designers or marketing teams, can figure out really interesting ways to display employee headshots that are eye-grabbing and bring a new life to your website.

3. Take Group Shots to the Next Level

Profiles of the staff often utilize group photos—this is a great way to see the team all together in a cohesive way. Again, use this as an opportunity to be different and even a little daring, do something that poses your team in an interesting way or makes the group look interactive. Website visitors really enjoy these kind of photos and it is a good way to position the team next to individual corporate headshots.

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