The Ultimate Website Redesign Photography Shoot List

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to start thinking about redesigning and improving your website. When you think about website redesign, you really want to have a new look and feel that amplifies your branding and really shows potential clients that “your image is your business.” At Chicago Corporate Photography and Video, “our business is your image” and we completely understand photography projects that are closely linked to website make-overs or “redesigns”. In fact, we are launching a new section of our site in 2017 that will cover case studies that really talk about some of these kind of projects, and give examples of how photography has helped company branding and marketing—so look out for those stories soon. Also, don’t look over the importance of website redesign photography for your company.

Companies have approached us with highly specific website redesign projects asking to capture photography and video for: about us pages, product/eCommerce pages, home pages, “how-it works” or informational type pages, and other unique pages. It is exciting to be a part of these website redesigns, and to see a transformation. Let’s take a look at some of the image-types you can use for a company website. In many cases, if you compare highly professional photos to existing photos on your website, you can already begin to see how high-quality images can make all the difference on a professional site.

About Us Pages

“About Us” pages can use a variety of different styles of photography, depending on what your brand or business is really trying to portray. Some examples include:

  • Group shots of employees or teams
  • Headshots/portraits of employees or executive board
  • Company culture shots (shots that show branding or office environment)
  • Business Lifestyle images

These kind of pages are really supposed to highlight your company culture and show what life in the office is like. Website redesign photography can often show this easier than a description!

Product Pages

Are you setting up an eCommerce store? Do you need better product photos that actually capture the value of what you are selling? When you are selling items online, photography can really make all of the difference in capturing quality. When people do not have the opportunity to directly interact with your product or sales staff, photos (and videos) are often the only exposure they have before making a purchase decision. Definitely make sure that product photos on your site display the best image possible—and if it isn’t already on your radar, this should definitely be a part of your website re-design.

Home Page

There is so much that you can do with your home page, in terms of imagery. Depending on the style of your site and the industry you are in, you can really do anything from clean and basic branding to more contemporary shots . Photography and/or video content can really bring your main website page to life.

“How It Works” type pages

Are you in an industry where you need to explain “how it works?” Do you have a manufacturing site, technology, or some kind of process that you want your clients to be able to see? Photography and video can allow you to display these processes, and show your customers the behind the scenes view of how your product or service functions.

Unique Contact, Call-To-Action, Blog, and Other Pages

The difference between a professional-looking business website and one that needs serious improvement are the visual details (performance and navigation are definitely the bigger issues, but for the purpose of this post and a purely aesthetic discussion, we will focus on this). In many cases, the visuals are what make pages unique and you can use professional website redesign photography and video on a variety of web pages to really vamp up the quality and make your site stand out.

The Takeaway: Website Redesign Photography Importance

When your site is undergoing a major redesign, one of the first things that you think about is the visual presentation. Graphic design is certainly key, but without unique photos and videos that are specific to your company, you are going to have a much harder time giving the feeling and branding that really makes a site contemporary and relevant. It’s a wise choice to invest in professional website redesign photography for your company.

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