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Over the past few weeks our phone has been ringing off the hook with people calling about photography and video for company parties–little did we know that the fun does not end in December. We are truly excited to be a part of so many upcoming company parties in the City of Chicago—and to show you some of our favorite corporate event photography in this post.

Corporate parties are great for team building, office culture, and really just giving everyone a break from the general workflow. It is not parties that really need a sell—everyone usually enjoys them and finds them to be a worthwhile event of the year. What companies often debate is whether to hire a professional photographer or video crew to document the occasion.

Sure, you could have your social media director snap photos through the evening (although I’m sure they would rather be enjoying a cocktail and socializing). You could also hire you next door neighbor’s son who got a Nikon last Christmas…but you never really know what is going to come out of that! You hire a professional crew because you don’t just want to snap a few shots of the event-of-the-year, you hire a professional because you realize the value that corporate event photography has for your company.

First let’s talk about why you might hire a professional photographer to capture photos of your company party:

Why Hire a Professional Corporate Event Photography Company to Take Photos and Video of Your Event?

This blog has really focused on the utility and overall impact that quality corporate event photography and video can have for your business, and especially your marketing. When we have talked about corporate events in the past, we have emphasized how this kind of content can enhance and demonstrate company culture and branding—ultimately showing life outside of the office, the kind of environment, and the overall feel that your company creates for its employees.

We have also talked about use for marketing materials, website, social media, and internal company use post-event. Further, we have also expressed their value for a company blog, or publishing content around recent company events. While you could take less-professional photos to achieve these tasks, the difference in quality says something about how you represent your business. When you hire a quality photographer to document an event, it shows, and it tells your clients and followers that you care about how you are portrayed.

Different Photos You Can Get from a Company Party

You may be wondering (especially if you are a marketing or social media manager) what kind of photos you can generate from a company holiday party. We have several examples in this post, but I’ve put together a shoot list so that you can get an idea of what kind of gallery you will be looking at after the fact:

  • Group Photos
  • Candid Photos of Employees/Guests
  • Details of Food, Gifts, Beverages, or Other Party Offerings
  • Entertainment and Performance
  • Speakers/ Presentations
  • Environment and Interior Venue Pictures
  • Games, Activities, and Other Party Happenings

Remember that if your event has specific events or moments that you want to capture, you should definitely discuss this with your photographer! Most professionals have the ability to easily decipher what the most important aspects to capture are, but if you have specific interest in certain people, moments, or details you should give the photographer a shoot list or schedule a phone call beforehand to discuss.

What About Video?

Corporate event photography tends to be the preferred way to document holiday parties. However, having a video crew come for even a part of the event can yield an awesome highlight video for your company’s site or social media. If you have it in your budget to do video as well, this is an awesome opportunity to generate some original and unique content for branding and marketing. Plus, it is something present employees can review to remember the fun and “laid-back” office moments when things are stressful. Future or prospective employees can view it to get a sense of company culture and life outside the office.

How Long Should You Hire a Photographer/Video Crew For?

Time is always something that we leave for the business to decide, although we are happy to discuss the event and make recommendations as well. Generally speaking, you want the photographer for a minimum of a half-hour before the event officially starts, to capture the empty venue and set up. This also gives them an opportunity to get some awesome detail shots when everything is at its finest. If your event is really large, you will definitely want the photographer for at least an hour beforehand.

For the event itself, you probably want the photographer there for an additional four to five hours, while you could probably get away with having the video crew slightly less time, and still capturing the highlights of the evening. It is really a business’ call, and budget is obviously a factor to consider. If you have specific photos you want to achieve, time that you want the photography crew there for, and a budget you are trying to meet—do let the photographer know beforehand, they can often adjust packages to make sure they are meeting your company’s needs (at least that is what we try to do at Chicago Corporate Photography and Video).

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