Corporate Event Photography: What do Photos do for your Website & Internal Company Use?

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You are taking your employees out for an outing next month and everyone is really excited to get out of the office and do something different. Corporate events can be a really great way to build teamwork, get everyone out of their cubicles, and hit “refresh” on their work efforts. These events are not just for leisure, they are also an opportunity to strengthen the cohesiveness of your staff and promote company culture. Capturing these events through corporate event photography, as we will discuss, is greatly beneficial.

Photographing theses events, professionally, can really help to present your company culture in a new way and the photos can be used to promote brand awareness both for marketing efforts and for internal company use.

Company events can range from a few-hour excursion somewhere in the city you work, to a large destination corporate event in Las Vegas. Of course, depending on the size and location of the event, you might require different types of photography or video services.

If you are planning a large-scale corporate event, then photography is definitely a must-have for both your website and other internal company uses. Photographers know how to capture the uniqueness of the venue, attendees, speakers, and other events that happen over the weekend. However, it should also be noted that if you do have a smaller-scale event in the works, photography is also a good thing to walk away with, even if you only hire the photographer for a couple of hours.

Here are just a few of the reasons that corporate event photography is an excellent contribution to website/print marketing but also for internal company use:

Company Culture & Branding

Company event photos tell a story about your brand, staff, and life outside of the office. People often ask me as a marketer, why would I need professional photos for internal company use? The answer is simple—to promote company culture. Having a sense of community goes a long way for employee happiness and can show new/potential hires that you are really the company they want to work for. Further, your current employees get a reminder that there is an opportunity for fun while working there, and that can inspire ambition and work ethic in the workplace.

It is a little easier to understand how capturing this company culture can be positive for website promotion, or “about us” pages, or marketing materials (more on that next), but the reason you want event photos over purely using environmental photography or corporate headshots on these areas of your site is the same—you give your digital visitors a sense of company culture. People like to do business with companies that express their uniqueness and have an edge

Do you ever wonder why working for Google became such a cool thing? It is because they let it be known that their office had a unique culture, both in the physical office environment but also with corporate events and photography of attendees at those events. It shows the world that Google employees were not simply working behind computers in mass, but also actively engaged in a lifestyle, a unique company culture. This also contributed to their branding as a business. Visual representation is really the key in establishing this, and good company culture has a lot of inherent business rewards.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials really take on a new level of professionalism when the photos you use are high-quality. Corporate event photography that you own the rights to can be used in a variety of ways: email marketing, social media posts, brochures, flyers, event announcements, and more. These marketing materials can be either print or digital.

When you hire a professional photographer for your company event, you are instantly producing high-quality photos for your marketing materials. This means you don’t need to buy a stock photo for a company brochure or use someone’s iPhone photo in your email marketing. The possibilities of unique marketing materials increase when you have a stock pile of your own photography to use with your own employee.


Nowadays every website really needs to have a blog associated with it. If for no other reason, to improve their SEO. New content is key when trying to increase organic rankings and get more traffic on your website. When you have content that is visual to work with from corporate events, you instantly have a topic to write about and different things to report and share on your blog. You can do this with photography which is not professionally-taken. However, professional photos really take this to another level.

The Takeaway: What You Can Do With Corporate Event Photography

Corporate event photography can enhance your website, marketing materials, and blog. Most importantly though, they really set a tone for your company’s culture! Are you the kind of business that takes your employees to the Cubs game a couple of times a year? Or possibly hose a large corporate event and hires a destination corporate photographer? These photos make your look interesting and provide viewers a sense of what your company is like, even before interacting with you directly!

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