Why Environmental Office Photos Will Bring Your Website to Life

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When you are redesigning a website you need a lot of different types of photography to do the job: architectural, head-shots, group-shots, and the topic of today’s post — environmental office photos! Many of our clients have had us do all of their photography in their website re-design, and this is nice because there entire site has an extremely cohesive feel. An untrained eye might not be able to tell that all of the photos were taken by the same photographer, but someone can usually tell that they go together.

Why Are Environmental Office Photos So Important?

People choose to work with a business for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is the people behind the company that they know they are going to be working directly with. When face-to-face or direct marketing was the only way to get your name out there as a business, it was clear to see how a personal connection could make or break whether you got a client’s business. Of course, direct marketing and networking still remain important components, but with so much happening online, a website is really what does the job of making a first impression. For example, if someone goes on to a website, feels as though it is “cheap” looking or hard to navigate—they will leave before a minute’s time (typically).

Good photography and especially environmental photos can really bring a website to life and make it look high-quality. More than that, it showcases what goes on behind the scenes and gives people a sense of your team, even if they are only getting a sense of your company through the online environment. Environmental photos show people at work, interacting with customers, filling shipment orders, answering phones… and all of this paints a picture of what an office environment looks like day-to-day.

Long-Distance, No Problem

Had you ever had to work with a client or company which was out of state or even international? It can be a challenge to move forward with a company that you can not physically see face-to-face. How do you know they are reputable? How do you get a sense of their culture? Sure, online reviews and other content can signal these things—and reviews are perhaps the most important for a company working long-distance in a collaboration, however, photos can really provide a sense of what the company culture is like and it gives people peace of mind when they are working at a distance. Interpersonal relationships are extremely important in business–and a website can really communicate your strength in this area. Photos alongside of good content can make all the difference.

Office Lifestyle

Every office really has its own feel. Some larger corporations have an office space, a manufacturing facility, and a warehouse to document—while others have a much smaller shop operation. No matter what your office feels like, it is important to show what your office lifestyle looks like—what a “day in the life” looks like. Website visitors like to get a general sense of what day to day operations look like when they work with a company, especially if it is going to be an ongoing business relationship.

It Adds Something Different

Posed group shots and headshots are nice, and they are also necessary on a business website. However, there is something about environmental shots that add something different to a website. It is one of the ways you can gain edge on other industry competition with similar websites. If people are comparing and notice that your site has an updated and unique feel, they may decide to go with you purely because of your web design.

Promotional Materials

Having a photographer take environmental office photos means that you can use them in promotional and marketing materials, on your web advertisements, social media accounts, and print materials. You would be surprised how often these types of photos come in handy as you design marketing materials (they come into play a lot more than group photos or headshots).

The Takeaway

As you can tell from looking at the environmental office photos on this post, there is a lot you can do with them and they are a huge plus on any website. They really capture what an office looks like and the feel of the company’s brand and culture. Having your employees in promotional marketing materials gives a face to an otherwise virtual environment—and this can be really helpful when customers are deciding where to invest!

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